Over the many years, I have constantly been asked “What is a major or minor service”. And, gotten some shocking answer when I posed these question to my peers or competitors. Strangely enough it seems that the word major service has been turned into a marketing phase rather than something important which should be done. So here our take on the hole service type question

Minor service

  • It is an inspection and repair procedure between a specific predetermined interval.
  • It includes in most cases changing of the oil filter and engine oil on a motor vehicle.
  • checking of a vehicle according to schedules and making the correct adjustments to ensure uninterrupted operation of a vehicle

Major service

  • includes all the above but with a few extra items e.g. fuel filter, spark plugs (in petrol) air filter, cabin filter, cambelt change, and fluid changes.
  • It also requires more vigorous inspection checks done

But despite these guidelines most mechanics are struggling to keep up with these routines due to several reasons and find themselves in the self-employed industry doing only what they know

What a service should be

Anybody, no matter their skill level can change the oil & oil filter and call it a service. But is it really or are you paying someone to do just that and call it one for you. We strongly believe that a proper service should consist of the following elements

The Inspection

  • Full bumper to bumper inspection (documented for references & consistency)
  • Full diagnostic scan on entire electronics (preventative measures)
  • Fluid boil points and concentration levels (operational functions)
  • Complete starting system analysis (preventative measure)
  • Carry out all safety and inspection procedures despite the service type
  • Adjustment to both comfort and climate systems
  • And more

So if these simple guidelines are followed and you receive the relevant documents for each procedure then it should be called a “service”

“Service allows a motor vehicle to be driven between a predetermined period without unnecessary failure”

We take vehicle servicing serious and it our attention to detail & high skill levels that ensures our customer service excellence.

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