Preventative maintenance is a highly evolved art of vehicle servicing that takes both a lot of experience and time to perfect. It enables complicated fleet requirements to operate smooth as a German train schedule. This type of repairs is mainly conducted on specialized vehicles or company fleets that require their vehicle to either save lives or make money.

A lot of critical checks, adjustments & planning goes into the entire process which if executed correctly, drastically reduces vehicle down time and unnecessary breakdowns. But apart from this it also requires discipline and consistency to be effective

Whats important

Braking systems to have a minimum guideline
Tightening & torqueing of additional parts & accessories
Scrutinized vehicle checking and past vehicle inspection correlation (this will determine the lifespan of parts in current state)
Best diagnostic equipment that deep scan or test electrical systems to identify static faults or intermittent faults
Specialized fitment procedures and tools that will eliminate fitment errors or inconsistency
Good workshop planning & software programs

Our Goal
A true fleet preventative maintenance specialist should be able to maintain a fleet with minimum cost and be able to schedule and co-ordinate current and future repairs with ease. This will drastically reduce unnecessary breakdowns and keep operational fleet cost to their clients predictable.

Large companies that prefer this type of maintenance can manage their budgets consistently and find that it works out cheaper overall

It for these reasons we treat every customer vehicle in the same manner. Because to be great one must be consistent in what they do. There is a fine line between quality and affordability

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