New Client

Just had a new client that has had complete brake failure after 3840km since his last service

He has been servicing with the same company for 13 years and has had no issues but he was shocked to realize how misguided he was all these years with regards to what a vehicle service is after we discussed his vehicle condition

So the question is why pay for a service you probably could do better yourself?

Our Vision & belief

A service is a procedure carried out on a vehicle that ensures that vehicle operates efficiently between a predetermined mileage and consist of all the safety checks and adjustments to allow that vehicle to reach the next interval without failure or breakdown.

Changing the oil filter, engine oil and other filters should not be classed as a service because just about anyone can do this.

Here are some tips to help you get a better picture of a service

– Ensure a certified inspection list is followed. This is normally either a 100 / 120 or 150 point check (This is proof of inspection)

– Get the Battery, Starter and Alternator electronically tested (This will help eliminate non starting issues you may not have yet)- Check boiling points of brake & clutch fluid (Helps the braking system operate correctly)

– Coolant / Antifreeze concentration test (Allows the cooling system to operate effectively and efficiently to safeguard your engine)

– Correct measurements of braking components, greasing of slide pins, and brake disc runouts

– and so on……..

So the next time your get your vehicle serviced, ask your mechanic the right questions and get the results both you and your vehicle deserve.

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