How to Fit brake disc correctly

Ever had that experience when you apply your brakes you get a severe vibration or that awful squealing noise while in traffic that leaves you both embarrassed and concerned because you know your vehicles in good condition. Over the years, we had thousands of brakes disc & brake pads changed and we have come up with a few tips that will help reduce these awful scenario

How to correctly fit brakes

  • Measure disc thickness & run outs before installation
  • Inspect fiction surfaces and heat patterns
  • Angle pad edges
  • Replace shim plates & anti rattle clips
  • Lubricate back of disc pad with BOSCH or ATE Plastilube (this works like a charm)
  • Lubricate anti rattle clips
  • Clean caliper pistons with brake cleaner and remove all dust
  • Service caliper slide pins and lubricate
  • Install brake disc and brake pad
  • Most important bed brakes correctly

Well this is how we do it and has been a success in our business. Remember that a lot of time it’s the cheaper quality parts that have the most amount of problems. This is due to several reasons like material, application, installation and so on

This is just a short summary on this topic but we have highlighted the most crucial factors to ensure you get optimum operation on your vehicle. So the next time your vehicles brakes give you grief remember that there is a solution to the problem. DNA Auto Centre Bosch Car Service will always ensure your vehicle is taken care of.

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